Raft is an Early Access game on Steam developed by Redbeet Interactive and published by Axolot Games. It’s an oceanic adventure survival game in which you will embark on a dangerous voyage to explore the vast seas with your given raft. Raft also finally comes out with a free-to-download version. So you can try it for free now instead of buying it on Steam.

About Raft game

When it comes to the word “Raft”, you may think about an exciting adventure that makes you float you over a vast sea. And this is so true! Raft pits you against so many oceanic hazards when you have to use your given raft to explore the watery world around you. This is not an easy adventure when you are armed with nothing but just a small raft and a hook made of plastic. You have to start grabbing possible stuff around you so as to get through some basic first dangers and gradually proceed to the next level.

About Raft game

Raft is such an engaging adventure survival game with 3D graphics and amazing effects. It also allows you to play with so many players from across the globe, causing the game to be more challenging. The game begins when you find yourself trapped on a raft floating over a huge blue ocean alone. Water is all what you see, and there are no islands in sight. You have to start using the hook to collect as much debris as possible with other possible resources, like reefs for instance, so as to craft a lot of items for your survival. Besides hunting for the resources, you must fill your stomach as well as satisfy your thirst by trying to find things that are edible and drinking some water. These difficulties are the first things you must overcome if you want to go further deeper into the game.

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You quickly realize that it’s not easy at all to survive on a small raft like this. Therefore, you need to collect further resources to craft handy items, then, use them to construct a safe shelter or even turn your raft into a floating house. You are totally able to decorate your home to make it look more beautiful, or even crop up some plants in a garden. Do whatever you can to stay alive on the raft so you can explore more about this oceanic adventure!

When you need to make a deep dive into the water for collecting further reefs, you should bring some good weapons and items with you in case the sharks appear. All of the sharks are man-eating predators that won’t be hesitant to eat you up if you don’t protect yourself. The sharks can be considered as an interesting element that contributes to the level of difficulty of the game. Sharks can attack you anywhere, like when you are swimming to hunt for resources, or when they jump on destroying your raft. Make sure you protect yourself and your raft no matter what it takes, or else your journey will come to an end instantly.

In-game features

  • Raft is a multiplayer online game that allows you to play as a solitary survivor or work with other friends.
  • You are armed with a hook made of plastic to catch a lot of debris.
  • Feel free to craft a lot of handy items, weapons, equipment, or even crop up plants.
  • Feel free to build your raft larger and turn it into a modern floating home.
  • Research and learn a lot of things that you have never known before about the oceans.
  • Feel free to show off your sailing skill to explore many areas.
  • Dive into the water, swim as much as you want to explore the depths to collect precious treasures.
  • Fight against the oceanic hazards, like man-eating sharks, and even enemies.

Download Raft Survival Game For Free

There are several versions of Raft game for you to download for free. You just simply click the links given below to download the game:

Download Raft for Win 32bit
Download Raft for Win 64bit
Download Raft for MacOS
Download Raft for Linux

In addition, you can check out Raft on Steam and purchase it if you want. The game is available as an Early Access game with a suitable price. You can totally expose all the mysteries and enjoy a full game once you purchase it. Feel free to join it anytime you want as well as challenge your skills for an exciting adventure awaiting you ahead.

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