Best ways Raft’s shark feed the survival game you involve in

Raft game drops you and your buddies into an enchanting ocean-themed adventure. It’s possible to play alone or work together. In which, you are forced to battle and survive during a perilous voyage across a vast sea. Within Raft Multiplayer, you will be asked to gather items, scavenge reefs, and create a floating home of your own. Don’t ignore the presence of man-eating sharks! Further, they will be the main character in the current post. Sometimes, you can find them looking right at you like this.

Reasons that lots of people love playing Raft game
Reasons that lots of people love playing Raft game

Although everything on the surface of Raft seems peaceful, it actually covers an awful primal horror that can still attract a lot of players to explore. It’s great to engage in Raft and perform your survivability on a rickety wooden craft that is always surrounded by a giant shark!

It means that the shark is the main antagonist in playing Raft Online. However, adventurers can build and develop a weird relationship with it. Meanwhile, the shark will block your plans whenever.

playing Raft Online

Raft started as a student project at the University of Gotland. It came with a plain prototype where anybody could do from the raft was to hook nearby floating planks and gather power-ups that they contained.

New behavior added to Raft game, reserving for the opponent
New behavior added to Raft game, reserving for the opponent

Despite the cold water could prevent you from diving, the shark was a far better solution. If you hopped off the ship, that scary creature would rush and cause massive damage to you. Developer Redbeet determined the raft to be under continuous pressure of damage. Therefore, they kicked off a new behavior for the shark. It could swim up and chew the edge of the means until it tore down the entire part.

the shark was a far better solution

Since then, Raft’s shark turns into a multi-functional beast. It is a formidable shadow in the water that can inflict sporadic attritional damage which you are advised to use up hard-won resources to fix. Besides, it is a lethal danger in the areas that you will loot debris. Currently, it is not simply a robotic killing machine. It’s hard to guess the next action!
How to deal with that upgraded Raft’s shark

One of the top Raft tips and tricks by Redbeet is to play with the shark’s visibility. Some minutes after being killed, it will be constantly simulated somewhere close by your spot. Nevertheless, you cannot usually see it. So, it’s necessary to keep an eye on your watch!

top Raft tips and tricks

“The shark became more about making it less easy to collect from the reefs,” revealed Bengtsson. “We wanted it to be very difficult when you went into open water off your raft because we wanted people to treat it like an actual danger, but when you got to a reef you had to be able to swim around a bit and gather.”

Additionally, Redbeet decreased the range at which it knows you whilst you are on a reef. You can get the support from the island, too. Remember to observe its direction and quickly dive into the sea on the other side!

Moreover, you can taunt the shark in Raft adventure game with a bait in the form of a couple of fishes bound up with rope. If it’s busy, it will not annoy you for a while.

How Sharks Feed Raft - Its Survival Game

Not only that, one more way to solve the aggressive shark is to attack the target’s maw with the spear. It will leave you alone immediately. Just do that if you are going to run out of oxygen or health because it’s pretty risky!

Don’t forget to relax when a new shark spawns!

After all, the sharks’ existence in Raft Steam will be helpful to “provide tension and danger” for the game. Although you can kill them, the goal of you will not be to destroy but survive. It contributes to how shark nourishes the Raft game. Dissuading players from trying to slay the shark is not an easy balancing effort. Don’t worry! It really occurred!

How Sharks Feed Raft - Its Survival Game 2

It’s fun to apply metal armor to the boat’s foundation to make it stronger in front of the shark’s bites! That armor will defend your raft from being engulfed when it’s filled with water.

How Sharks Feed Raft - Its Survival Game 3

In spite of the fact that Redbeet hopes to design a finely balanced and rewarding Raft game, they also wish to offer the freedom to play the journey as you expect.

In general, everything that we have mentioned revolved around how Raft’s shark feeds its survival game. By adding changes and enhancements for the animal or the principal antagonist, the developer assists you to have a more exciting story. Up to date the latest news on our site and guides to lookup more!


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