Raft Survival is a hot oceanic multiplayer adventure game on Steam that has been received a lot of positive feedback from the community after being released on Steam with Early Access stage. The game is being developed by Redbeet Interactive, and published by Axolot Games. As you know, Raft is not an easy game to conquer since you’re going to face a lot of oceanic hazards that always threaten your life. Below here are useful tips that help you survive the dangers as well as give you a better grasp of gameplay.

Principal things you need learn

Comprehending the UI

When you start saving your raft, there are two things popping on the screen, including an extensive ocean and three bars displayed in the bottom left of the screen. The bars are known as a health bar, a food bar and a hydration bar with different measures, including your health, your hunger, and your hydration, respectively. A fourth bar, which indicates your oxygen, will pop up at the top of the screen if you dive into the water.


The way you move your raft is so important too! You will use four keys for the directional control, including A, S, D, W. For jumping, you can press spacebar. For opening the inventory, press key I, or you can use key Tab.

You can go to the settings to check out other controls if you want.

Principal gameplay

You will spawn on a section of wood and make sure you won’t dive into the water because of two reasons: your raft won’t stay still and it surely floats away, then you have to go after it to take it back, which wastes your time a lot, and another reason is that it will be at risk when a big shark encircles it. When you see the shark, you have to protect yourself, but make sure you get to your raft fast, or else it will get absorbed and destroyed by the shark. When your adventure starts, you should concentrate on gathering the floating resources.

First important things

Below here are first important things you need to carry out when you start a save:

Get the Builders Hammer

Try your hardest to gather as many materials floating by as possible! Once you earn a good amount of them, you should start crafting a hammer, then use it to build a lot of stuff. The hammer can be found under the tools section in your inventory. You should start crafting it if you want to own a great floating wood shack.

Get food and water

Hunger and hydration are two crucial elements that have a direct effect on your survival. There are two ways to get food and water to better those elements, including growing food and going fishing.

Growing your food

A planter is a crucial thing you have to craft if you want to crop up. You should focus on crafting then placing it, and don’t forget to pay attention to the inventory whenever a barrel is gathered. Beet or a potato may be what you will get first. Start planting two plants in the planet, and give them fresh water. Make sure you stay close to them, keep an eye on them because they may get eaten by seagulls.


Make sure a fishing rod is crafted as soon as possible! It’s a handy item you should have. You can use the fishing rod to catch a lot of fish, then start to cook the fish you have caught, just don’t eat the raw fish. For cooking the fish, you have to craft a grill, then, put a fish on it after you’ve done crafting. Some fire will be needed if you want to cook with the strength of sheer willpower. Your cooking will begin once you put planks on the grill. It will take a period of time to complete.

Getting fresh water

A cup and a purification station should be crafted! You will use a cup to gather saltwater, then put it on the purification station, just like what you did to the grill. Make sure you attach some planks to it so it can start boiling.

Fighting with the Shark

Sharks are considered as dangerous things in Raft Survival Simulator game. Dealing with them must be a hard thing, and if you have no strategies for that, you won’t be able to survive longer. Below here is what you need to do to cope with the sharks:

A wooden spear should be crafted! This is a strong tool that you can use to assault the shark. You may want to play in a defensive way. Don’t dive into the water to battle against it, or else you will be a loser.

Fighting with the Shark

You should wait for it to assault your raft, and take that chance to use your spear to strike it. He will go away from the raft after taking four hits from your wooden spear.

Shark bait can be a good way to divert it away. By doing so, he will be kept in a place for a time. This is so useful, especially when you want to explore the depths.

The Research Station

Make sure you craft the research station in the game! You should use it wisely so you can craft a lot of brand new things in order to grow your raft bigger as well as power up yourself. After being positioned, you should move to the research station, open the book on it to see a menu that displays all things that can be researched. Find some blueprints in the barrels, then use them to obtain brand new researchable things. Put a certain item in the research spot, then it fills in the research requirement of that thing for each researchable thing you are currently owning. If all the requirements are met, start to click learn then the item will be crafted.


Nets can be crafted in this Raft Survival game too! With the nets, you are totally able to collect drifting materials. You should build a lot of nets.

Some confusing things


Just only two leaves needed for crafting the rope.


You can use two scrap to craft the nails. You can go find the scrap in barrels on pick them up on the sea floor.

Sand, Clay, and Giant Clams

You can find sand and clay on the sea floor. Also, you can mine them with your hook. To collect giant clams, you should interact with them.

About the Islands and other Rafts

You will traverse through a lot of islands and many rafts during your adventure. Feel free to reach them using a paddle or a sail. You can ram into the rafts as well as push the raft onto them since it will drift away. You can try pick up the crate and return to your raft.

You are able to get onto an island if you want, but before you do that, make sure you stick the raft somewhere so it won’t drift away. You should try to grab anything in sight once getting onto the island, like food, coconut seeds, flowers and more.

Underwater Expedition

Underwater Expedition

As long as you truly understand what you are going to do, you can totally begin your underwater expedition. You should dive beside the islands because it will be shallower there. When you decide to jump into the water for diving, just drop an anchor, and release some shark bait. Down there you will see many precious resources, like seaweed, clams, stone, sand, clay. Snatch them up then get back to your boat. Sharks will be distracted for a restricted amount of time.

Some things will enhance your underwater experience, such as fins, oxygen tanks and more. They are all researchable items.

Sails and rotating your raft

Sails and rotating raft


The sails in Raft Survival game function like a passive paddle. You will be pushed in a direction that the sails are facing, as long as it’s down.

Rotating the Raft

For rotating the raft, you need to crash it into the island in a strategic way, or you can smash into other floating rafts.


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